Workers' Compensation:

How to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

A worker is eligible to claim and get workers’ compensation benefits, if they are injured during the course of their job. However, filing a claim for workers’ compensation is not as easy as pie. It is a hard nut to crack, as both the employers and insurers are apt to deny most claims. So, it is always wise to hire the services of a competent and experienced workers’ compensation attorney because only an experienced professional can provide the advice and help needed to get you out of an awkward situation with the best possible positive outcome. Therefore, once you have chosen an attorney to represent you, make sure you attend your meeting with him fully prepared (i.e.: bring your bills, medical records, any relevant photos associated with your case, and your witness contact information with you). This will assist the attorney in their ability to assess your situation and advise you accordingly.


What should a Worker expect at a Worker’s Compensation Trial?

Most worker's compensation cases get resolved by settlement. Only the workers’ compensation cases in dispute are need to be resolved through workers’ compensation trial. According to an estimate only 5% of the workers’ compensation cases go to trial.

What to expect at a Workers’ Compensation Trial?

A workers’ compensation trial is referred to as a ‘hearing’, but the more accurate term used in case of workers’ compensation is ‘evidentiary hearing.’ The employee needs to provide admissible evidence on the contested issues. And if the employee fails to provide the required evidence, there is a possibility of losing the case. So the employees should go for pre-trial preparation with the attorney.


What are the Injuries and Illnesses Covered under Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation often called ‘workers’ comp’ is a type of insurance that is purchased by employers for the coverage of their employees’ employment-related illness and injuries. While workers compensation is mandated and governed by state law, some of the injuries that it covers will be different from state to state. But most commonly, any injury that arises “out of the course of employment” i.e. if you are injured or become ill doing something for the benefit of the employer, then your injury is work-related and you are eligible to receive the benefits as long as you meet other eligibility requirements.


Why should Workers’ Compensation Claimants Hire an Attorney?

Injured workers may often reflect on whether they should hire an attorney to gain their workers’ compensation benefits if the system itself permits them to collect their lost wages, have their medical expenses paid, as well as allowing them access to vocational retraining if it is required. However, the process involved is not as simple as it seems as the real scene is quite the opposite and complicated as well. Only the services of an outstanding and proficient workers’ compensation attorney can help you get out of this crucial and tricky situation with the best positive outcome for you. Such an attorney can help you in various ways which include:

  • An attorney can help you ensure that you inform the court about your medical condition(s), needs, and requirements, in addition to helping you secure the medical benefits and treatment to which you are


Workers’ Compensation: Your Rights and Benefits

Workers’ Compensation law was formed to protect injured workers. Prior to the institution of these laws, industry giants were not required to bear the costs for on the job injuries. So, Workers’ Compensation laws were created to provide employees with rights to protect themselves in the event of an on the job accident.

As was the case 100 years ago, it is just as important for employees of today to know their rights should they be injured at work. Failure to know and assert your rights in a timely manner could result in lost benefits, both medical and monetary.


Work Accidents: What do you need to know?

An unintentional injury that has occurred at the workplace or while you are on the job is counted as a work accidentwork accidents(this should either say “counts as work accidents” or “is counted as a work accident). Injuries related to the person’s line of work are counted as work accidents but the injuries which are in no relation (not related?) to the person’s duties are not included.

Some common injuries which are included in or counted as work accidents are as follows:

  • Slip and Fall Ups (why does this say, “fall ups,” how do you fall up, shouldn’t it say, “Slip and Falls”?)
  • Injuries caused due to heavy lifting
  • Injuries caused due to falling objects
  • Injuries caused due to falling off ladders or stairs
  • Vehicle injuries (if you are a delivery person)


What should you do if you get injured at work?

In spite of all the rules and regulations established by the government and the safety measures adopted by employers to safeguard the health and safety of their employees, accidents at work do happen. Workplace injuries can lead to:

  • DISABILITY, both temporary and/or permanent;


Auto Accidents:

Do’s and Don’ts after a Car Accident

Being involved in an auto-accident is a very traumatic situation. Each year, about six million U.S. motorists are involved in motor vehicle accidents. What is more traumatic than the accident is the acts or things that the victims do and don’t do after a car or motor-vehicle accident(the accident has occurred?). So, it becomes important that you not only understand the things you should do but also the things that you should not do in order to protect yourself and to enhance the chances of receiving compensation.
At the Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer P.C., our proactive and experienced attorneys employ aggressive measures to get you the claim(damages?) you deserve for the your lost wages, medical bills and pain & suffering.


Why should you hire an Auto-Accident injury attorney?

Getting(Being?) involved or injured in an auto-accident brings along with itself injuries, traumas, and various other intangible issues and worries like who will pay for your damage, loss, and medical expenses; and will your insurance provider offer you the(an?) accurate claim and many more. In other words, auto-accidents pose financial and emotional, as well as physical stress on you. So, if you are involved in a motor-vehicle accident and are considering filing a pursuit against the at-fault driver or want to file an insurance claim for your personal and property damage; it is always advisable and wise to hire the services of a skilled auto accident lawyer because:


Criminal Defense:

How to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Being charged with a crime or arrested for a criminal activity is a nightmare for anyone. No matter how major or minor your charge is, hiring a competent and professional criminal defense lawyer is not only going to be advantageous to your situation, it is also crucial to your ability to defend yourself against the criminal charges.

A competent criminal defense lawyer not only takes the appropriate steps at the right time to improve the defendant’s situation, there are also times when the outcome of the lawyer’s efforts may even lead to a dismissal of the charges.