Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer Testimonials

  • "October 2018 -- si recibi el cheque. muchas gracias por averme ayudado en mi caso del accidente estoy muy agredecido con todo el personal que me brindo su ayuda i y con el abogado que Dios. les bendiga Yes, I received the check. Thank you very much for helping me in my case of the accident I am very graceful with all the Staff who provided me services, your help and with the lawyer God bless you"
  • "October 2018 -- Estoy muy agradecida con Dios Primeramente y con mi abogado Andrew S. Kasmer y el personal por haber llevado mi caso de accidente de trabajo, se porto muy excelente persona conmigo, al igual com mi hija y hijo llevando el caso de ellos de accidente de carro Pueden contar con el. Trabaja muy bien en cso de accidente de trabajo y accidente de carro. Dios lo Bendiga grandemente. J. Ruiz"
    -J. Ruiz
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  • "October 2018 -- Me siento feliz y contento or este caso que estuve, Me siento feliz por la forma que me han tratado y tambien me siento contento por el trato de Doña Zoila y el abogado con mi persona. Y en futuro recommendar este abogado a todos mis amigos. Y gracias por el servicio que me han prestado. D. Ayala"
    -D. Ayala
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  • "October 2018 -- Mi nombre es Prisila Soto quiero compartir que mi experiencia con el abogado Andrew Kasmer fue muy buena estoy agradecida con el y su secretaria Karla fue muy amable y me ayudo en todo lo que fue posible."
    -Soto, P.
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  • "October 2018 -- La experiencia que tuve con el abogado fue excelente experencia la atencion que brindan el abogado Andrew S Kasmer y sus asistente Karla Lopez estoy Mas que satisfecho por su trabajo que realisaron por ayudarme a ganar mi caso y conseguirme una buena compensation estoy muy contento y agradecido por todo los servicios que me brindaron muchas gracios por toda dios me los bendigaWilson Najar"
    -W. Najar
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  • "September 2018 – Hola mi nombre es David Guzman y quiero agradeser al abogado Brown Holston por aser un buen trabajo con mi caso la verdad estoy muy agradecido y tambien darle las gracias a la señorita Karla Lopez por ayudarme mucho con mi caso la verdad es una excelente persona gracias a todos fue un buen trabajo muchas bendiciones a todos suerte en sus labores diarias. “GRACIAS”"
    -D. Guzman
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  • "September 2018 – Soy Miguel Marquez Bonilla. Quiero por medio de mi testimonio agradecer al abogado Andrew Kasmer por haber ayudado en mi caso de un accidente de trabajo el cual ganamos al estado de Virginia. Quiero recomendar al abogado Kasmer uno de los mejores en Northern Virginia."
    -M. Bonilla
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  • "September 2018 -- Mi nombre es Bacilio Alvarez, le agradesco al abogado Andrew Kasmer por averme ayudado con el caso. Gracias a dios que podimos ganar. Me siento muy contento y le recomendan'a al abogado mas personas."
    -B. Alvarez
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  • "August 2018 -- Mr. Kasmer is a good lawyer and Jasmin Garcia is a good assistant and I recommend this office and thank you for the help."
    -R. Martinez
  • "August 2018 -- Working with Mr. Kasmer has been a smooth journey. He has really helped with my case that was denied and firmly worked to get me all the benefits I deserved. His assistant, Yesli, was wonderful and always there at the phone to answer any questions and counsel me. I would recommend Mr. Kasmer and his Law Office to anyone going through hurdles with any legal matter. Thank you for all the help and holding my hand to navigate through this legal jungle."
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  • "August 2018 – I will give my big thanks to Mr Andrew kasmer because he protected me from my problems . i really appreciate it and iam very happy for what he fights for me may God bless him and I also give a big thanks to my lovely sister' Mrs Jasmine for talking her time to answer my calls and massages I really appreciate it may God be with you for anything you do .I will end here and me and my family say a big thanks to Mr Andrew and his staff may God bless you all this is Christian Gyamfi "
    -C. Gyamfi
  • "August 2018 -- Mi Nombre es Jose Arita estoy muy agradecido con la officina del abogado Andrew Kasmer, por toda la ayuda que recivi de ellos. Siempre recommendaria el abogado Andrew Kasmer a amistades y familia.Jose Arita"
    -J. Arita
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  • "Elenilson Castellanos -- August 2018 -- Le agradesco Al Abogado Kasmer. Por su Trabajo es un buen Abogado y trabaja muy bien no tengo palabras pero junto a su personal asen un buen trabajo.Gracias"
    -E. Castellanos
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  • "July 2018 -- A friend recommended that I see Andrew Kasmer when I was injured on the job. Since the first day, I feel that they took care of me, and I would be happy to recommend their office to someone else."
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  • "24 de abril 2018 Fairfax, VA Yo Evelio Vasquez Banegas, Hondureño y bengo de la ciudad de Manassas visitando al abogado Andrew S. Kasmer con ubicacion en 4020 University Drive Suite 501 en Fairfax VA Estoy felicitando de manera Honorable a su coperacion por su servicios de exelencia calida y honrades y dedicacion y el desempeño de sus lanores y representacion en sus labores legal. No tengo ningun comentario anormal de su corporacion. Estoy muy alegre por sus servicioes prestados y me siento orgulloso de ellos. Felicitar a su asistente Karla Lopez y demas personal por su calidad de servicios de cuales llevo buenas imagenes de ustedes. Por lo cual cuanto are referencias con mis amistades. Me despido con su saludo fraterno y espero visitarle luego para saludarlos de nuevo. Evelio Vasques Banegas"
    -Evelio V.
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  • "Andrew Kasmer is the best lawyer! I do not say that lightly. Mr. Kasmer worked so diligently on my workers compensation case. He fought for me to a win but the big insurance company filed a motion to reconcider in which Andrew won. They then filed an appeal, we won. They filed another appeal with a 3 panel of judges, we won again. They took it to the supreme court, he fought and won. Finally the commission judge again.....Andrew won AGAIN and I received compensation for everything. He never gave up, counseling me and guiding me through. He is still fighting for a final settlement after all he has already gotten for me. I truly appreciate him and his dedication through it all. Mr. Kasmer's staff was also professional and informative. Thank you Andrew Kasmer! I recommend Andrew Kasmer to anyone who needs a great lawyer who will fight for you until the end. Nicole M."
    -Nicole M.
  • "Dear Mr. Kasmer, I cannot thank you enough for your representation that exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for your guidance. I am so pleased with the work and dedication that you have provided me. Through this difficult process, you put my mind at ease and educated me on the steps that needed to be made. You were very comforting and extremely professional. Thank you for a job well done! "
  • "Agradesco mucho toda la atencion y ayuda al me brindavon El Abogado Andrew. Y sue asistante Karla: Dios los bendiga y nueva mente mil gracias por los consejos y por decearma mu pronta recuperacion. No lo dudey al les recomendare con mis amistades al tengan un accidente."
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  • "Para me fue un placer tener una abogodo coma Andrew Kasmer y Karla Lopes me ayudaran ent todo son my amables y gracias por la ayuda que me dieran son los mejores. Wendy "
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  • "Have been very satisfied with Mr. Kasmer and staff. Especially with Ms. Karla Lopez, one of the greatest case managers I have known. Thank you."
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  • ""To the Office of Andrew Kasmer: When I had my automobile accident I wasn’t sure where to go but a friend of mine referred me to your office. I knew I was in the right place when I walked in. Everyone was very helpful, especially Berta. She got all of my medical paperwork together and made all the right phone calls. I am very happy with my settlement and the outcome. I would recommend Andrew Kasmer to anyone. He is a great attorney and he really knows what he is doing. He is very understanding. Thank you very much""
    -- Lamptey
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  • "I feel I am really happy with the help that I have gotten from everyone here at Andrew Kasmer's office. Thank you! Kasmer Law is the Best! Thanks for your hard work!"
  • "I would like to take this chance to thank you for your time, patience, intelligence and services. Thank you once again."
  • "I am very pleased with the way you helped me. I am very impressed with the care and professionalism shown to me by you and your team."
  • "Thank you for your tireless efforts for my case. I remain impressed with your attentiveness and professionalism. I always remain obliged to your hard work and support. I wish you the best."
  • "Thank you for all your work. I will be happy to recommend you and Law Office of Andrew S Kasmer P.C. to anyone who might be needing attorney support."
  • "Thank you for all your work. I will be happy to recommend you and Law Office of Andrew S Kasmer P.C. to anyone who might be needing attorney support."
  • "Thank you very much for all your hard slog - very much appreciated. You have managed to acquire an interim payment within a few weeks. Thanks Kasmer."
  • "I have always been pleased with Andrew S. Kasmer work. He is the best attorney around. I have recommended him to my friends and relatives and will recommend him to anyone who needs legal help."
  • "I was very blessed to have attorney Andrew Kasmer and his staff working on my case; they are a very dedicated team. Without their tolerance, knowledge, friendship, determination and time, I wouldn't have received a settlement and the medical treatment I needed."
  • "Great thankful to Kasmer. I was involved in an auto accident injury. The attorneys were very accessible and negotiated a fair settlement for my injuries. I highly recommend Andrew S Kasmer if you are involved in any auto or car accident."
  • "Thank you for the assistance which I needed to get financial compensation for my injuries during an accident. I am appreciative for all your help. I wouldn't have had such a positive result without you."
  • "Ok Family and Facebook friends I have been going through some stressful times in the last 15 weeks(well 10 months altogether) the last 15 weeks have been very stressful. Well today I got great news. The judge decided in our favor in the workers compensation case. Thanks to my wife Amy Conlin Hall for putting up with me during this time I love you. Thanks to Andrew Kasmer you are the man. If anybody needs a great workers compensation lawyer get in touch with Andrew Kasmer law firm."
    -Mike H.
  • "Mr. Andrew S. Kasmer esquire thanks so much dear for everything may Allah bless you and your family love you all so much. I will always have you my priority."
    -Omeira Q.
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